Gorgeously Of Minimalist Interior Design

HSdesain.com -- One of the most popular interior designs is the minimalist style house. Minimalist interior design encourages a simple but functional way of life.

Minimalist interior design is also associated with neat and organized layout. It is appropriate for use in a small house or apartment

We've gathered gorgeously of minimalist interior design just for you!

Modern minimalist living room

To maximize the available room capacity. You can combine the living room and also the TV room. This room is a room that is often used. No wonder, you have to arrange the living room with the best possible appearance.

The use of simple and multi functional furniture gives the impression of a more elegant room.

Gray sofa as focal point

Create a focal point for a room. In accordance with the interior concept of the room, a gray sofa was chosen to be the focal point.

The dark sofa looks elegant combined with the charming light gray wall interior .

 White minimalist kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home. A neat design will make the look even more elegant. The kitchen cabinet model is letter U-shaped, suitable for application in various room sizes.
You can also make it easier to move around when doing activities.

 Using the concept of open space

Using the open space concept can help you maximize the available space capacity. The design of the living room and also the dining room is designed in the same room.
To create the impression of a more spacious room.

 Tiny laundry room design

No matter what size room is available, you can maximize the room. The design of laundry room is designed in the hallway of the room, although it is narrow. But the laundry room looks bright with maximum natural lighting.

That's gorgeously of minimalist interior design. We hope it is useful.

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Author : Hafsah
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