Gorgeous Scandinavian Inspired Home Designs

HSdesain.com --  Scandinavian homes are known for their simplicity and tranquility. Scandinavian design works well in a variety of rooms and house styles.
The use of charming white color and environmentally friendly materials creates a warmer and more homey atmosphere in the room.
Here is gorgeous Scandinavian inspired home designs! Let's take a look at the review below!

The facade of the house

 The appearance of the Facade of the house looks charming with an elegant combination of neutral colors. White is a characteristic of Scandinavian homes.
The Scandinavian house design looks charming and elegant. Moreover, there are wood materials that are environmentally friendly.

 Side terrace with fishpond

 Want to design a house that feels fresher? You can arrange a side terrace with a refreshing fishpond. The design of fishpond is designed simply with a rectangular model.
The terrace of the house is also increasingly cozy with charming rattan hanging chairs.

Maximizing natural lighting

 Maximizing natural lighting is another characteristic of Scandinavian homes. Scandinavian house designs appear bright all day long. Moreover, in the living room, there are decorations of green plants that make the appearance of bushes lively and fresh.

 Using the concept of open space


Create the impression of a narrow room looking bigger with the use of an open space concept. The design of the living room and also the dining room is designed without any room partitions, so it looks more spacious.

Use simple furniture to avoid a full impression of the room.


 Simple cozy kitchen

Although small, the kitchen is designed with a neat arrangement. Supported by a simple design that makes you feel more at home in the kitchen.
Using wooden shelves can maximize the available storage capacity.
That's gorgeous Scandinavian inspired home designs. We hope you like it.

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Author : Hafsah
Editor : Munawaroh
Source : Instagram @mb.design.house


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