Beautiful Living Room With Plants Decor --  Are you ready to refresh your living space? If so, you can adorn the space with ornamental plants. The living room is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. You must make the living room as comfortable and attractive as possible. 
The presence of plants in the room not only beautifies, but also creates a cooler atmosphere. 
Here's a lovely living room decorated with plants! Let/s read the review!

Areca Palm

According to NASA research, Areca Palm is an indoor plant that can purify the air well. Not only that, this plant can grow tall and is most suitable for use as a decoration of the corner of the living room.
Areca palm is also easy to grow and has low maintenance. Suitable for novice gardeners.

Fiddle Leaf Fig


Fiddle leaf fig is the second most popular indoor plant that you can use as a living room decoration. The living room design will look more lively and cool with a combination of fiddle leaf fig,

These plants do not require special care, be sure to water them regularly.

Bird Of Paradise

Create a fresher living room by adding Bird of Paradise plants. The plant has beautiful leaves and flowers, and the name implies.
They have wide leaves similar to banana trees. Suitable placed in the corner of the room.



Monstera is the most favorite ornamental plant of the year. This plant appears with a characteristic, uniquely shaped leaf that refresh.
Monstera deliciosa is low-maintenance and hard to kill.

Peace lily


Are you looking for indoor plants with the prettiest flower? If so, Peace lily is at the top of the list.
Peace lily is the best indoor plant with the most beautiful white flowers. They can even live well even in low-light spaces.
Suitable for living room decoration.
That's the beautiful living room with plants decors. Which is your favorite plant? will always share you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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Author : Hafsah
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