7 Ideas for Minimalist House Design with Beautiful Interior

HSdesain.com -- A house with a minimalist style is now the dream of many people because it has a simple appearance but not boring. The choice of furniture and also the arrangement of the room is admired by many people even though it is not a large size. For some minimalist style home ideas, check out 7 Ideas for Minimalist House Design with Beautiful Interior.




 House facade design

The facade of this house has a small appearance but is made creatively using natural stone on some parts of the walls. The use of this natural stone will make variations in motifs, textures, and colors. For other parts of the wall, choosing a matching paint color will make a beautiful appearance.

Living room idea

For the living room area, choosing furniture with a simple and minimalist style makes a small room feel comfortable. Choosing a soft color would be the perfect idea to maximize the appearance of a small room like this.

Kitchen idea

Not only has a small living room, this house also has a small kitchen section which still has maximum function. On the kitchen table, one of them consists of a stove and also a sink. For the wall area, this kitchen adds an open display shelf and makes the wall look more compact.

Small dining room

Turning to the dining room, this house has a color display that matches the other interiors. To give a look that is not boring, there are unique wall decorations like in a cafe.

Use glass for door

This dining room area has glass doors and stationary walls, which allow lighting from the outdoor area to make the room feel wider and brighter. Some plants would be perfect for decorating this area fresher.

Laundry area

This semi-outdoor area is used as a washing area, made with the concept of a dry garden. Additional coral in this area can help absorb water better. Use a skylight roof so that this area remains bright, and you don't worry when it rains.

Bathroom idea

The small bathroom that this house has also looks well laid out and not much furniture fills it. There is a toilet and shower that are mounted on the wall so that the room is more space-saving. Color selection is also important to display a spacious and comfortable impression in this small bathroom.

That's the 7 Ideas for Minimalist House Design with Beautiful Interior. Hope you like it!

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