Gorgeous Tiny House Design with Mezzanine Floor

HSdesain.com -- Tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular, and there are many fans. No surprise, because, tiny houses have a more practical design and of course a lower cost.
There are numerous interiors that can be used as inspiration for small houses. One method is to add a mezzanine floor to increase the room's capacity.
If you're interested, we'll show you the Gorgeous tiny house design with Mezzanine floor down below! Let's take a look at the review.

Simple living room design


Simplicity provides maximum comfort. To create the appearance of a narrow room to look more spacious, you can use a simple living room design. 

There are not many decoration used, so the room feels relieved. Combine a beige love seat with a cushion for a more cozy atmosphere.


Using the concept of open space

By using the open space concept, it can make the room look bigger. Moreover, there are many windows that allow natural lighting to enter optimally.

A bright room can avoid the impression of the room feeling stuffy.


 Bedroom on the mezzanine floor

You can use the limited size of the room by adding a mezzanine floor. The mezzanine floor is specially designed into a cozy bedroom. Use light-colored interiors to create more spacious look of the room.

Space-saving sliding doors

Using sliding doors can help save available room capacity. Sliding doors also have a practical and also simple design.

This tiny houses consist of two bedrooms. Although the house is small but functional.

To help maximize storage capacity. You can use multi functional furniture. Such as a table with cabinet features and sleek furniture suitable for tight rooms.

So that the bedroom feels more spacious. 

That's a Gorgeous tiny house design with mezzanine floor. We hope you like it.

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Author : Hafsah
Editor : Munawaroh
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