8 Festive Houseplants for Holiday Season

HSDesain.com --  Add holiday houseplants to the room's interior design to make it more lively and appealing. The presence of plants serves the primary purpose of beautifying the appearance of the home.At the same time, a cooler and more pleasant room atmosphere is created.
To celebrate the holidays, we've compiled a list of 8 festive houseplants for the holiday season! Let's take a look at the review below!

1. Poinsettia

This plant is perfect for making the room look brighter. The bright red leaf and leaf color stands out combined fresh green leaves.
Poinsettia are easy to grow, and will become the focal point of the room due to their striking color.

2. Amarylis


Amaryllis is a holiday plant with charming flowers. Amaryllis flowers offer beauty shades of orange and other colors.
Suitable for growing at home to make the atmosphere of the room warmer.

3. Christmas cactus


Another popular holiday plant is Christmas cactus. This plant is a family of Succulents that are easy to grow.
They have flowers of bright red color that attract attention.

4. Cyclamen


Cyclamen is one of the ideal holiday plants. Because they live well in winter. This plant has a characteristic pink color that is suitable for use as a room sweetener. 

5. Easter cactus


This cactus plant that blooms at the end of winter has a characteristic, charming flowering. Easter cactus have thick leaves that are suitable for use as decorations.
Put it near the window for best growing.

6. Holly plant


Holly plant is widely used as decoration of the room. The plant has a striking red, tiny fruit. 

The plant is easy to grow. They grow well i direct sunlight.

7. Shooting star hydrangea


 Hydrangea shooting star is a holiday plant with characteristic beautiful white color flowers. They have beautiful flowers with star-like shape as the name implies.

8. Helleborus


 Helleborus niger is known by another name Christmas rose. They have characteristic flowers of white color like snow.

Christmas rose is perfect for enhancing the beauty of the room.

Those are the 8 festive houseplants for holiday season. Which is your favorite?

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Author : Hafsah
Editor : Munawaroh
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