7 Ideas for Clever Tiny House Design

HSdesain.com -- A tiny house is a design that is easy to realize because of the several advantages it gets, such as low prices, small land, and easy maintenance. Having a tiny house needs the right design in order to still have a functional and comfortable room. Check out 7 Ideas for Clever Tiny House Design for some inspiration.

House facade design

This tiny house design has a distinct facade that depicts the main building in soft colors and appears simple. There is also a front porch designed in the relaxed pergola style. Fabric curtains can be used to create a shaded and private area.

Front porch

The front porch area is used as a relaxing area with a few chairs and a table. Additional lights can add a warmer atmosphere and create a more intimate time with family.



Living room idea

When entering the house, there is a small living room with a Tosca sofa and a painting on the wall that appears unified due to the use of matching colors. Add a rug to make the living room area more comfortable while still remaining stylish.



Clever storage

A small staircase leads to the bedroom from the area near the sofa. The use of the staircase area as storage is an excellent way to maximize a small space. Create drawers and storage for beautiful items and interior decorations.



Bedroom idea

After climbing the small stairs, you will find a simple bedroom with minimal furniture. White is an excellent choice for a small room. Provide lighting through windows and skylights to make the space feel larger and less humid. Windows and ventilation walls can also provide air circulation.

Kitchen idea

Moving on to the kitchen, this tiny house has a small but lovely kitchen. The presence of a kitchen adjacent to the living room combines the same colors and gives it a more conceptual appearance. This kitchen also has large windows to maximize air circulation and keep things cool while cooking.

Bathroom idea

The well-designed bathroom makes it appear neat and clean. The shower area is contained within a cubicle, which keeps the surrounding areas dry and clean. Add a soap and shampoo display rack, as well as some plants for decoration.

That's the 7 Ideas for Clever Tiny House Design. Hope you like it!

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Author : Hafidza
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