Six Simple Small-space Hanging Plant Ideas

Six Simple Small-space Hanging Plant Ideas --  For many years, indoor gardening has been a popular hobby. With the presence of ornamental plants, many ornamental plant enthusiast now have a reason to decorate the room with a new and more productive look. Gardening or arranging plants  at home can be a fun hobby for people of all ages. As an example, consider the concept of hanging plants, which includes the following ideas:

Ferns suspended form the ceiling


Create a fresh green environment in your office where the view can refresh the eye. Choose ornamental plants such as ferns or other vines to add beauty to the room. To enhance the visuals of the room, use pipe planter and strong ropes.

Create an interior forest with hanging plant partitions


It does not have to be extravagant; sometimes hanging partition accents from ornamental plants will make your room grow well and nice. Use strong ropes and hangers that are balanced to ensure that they are not biased. In addition, pay attention to the selection of light plants, planter, and other accessories.

Wall planter made of macrame


This display will make the room more appealing; neatly framed walls require a lot of work. Use the vertical garden concept, macrame hangers, and lightweight plastic planters. Plants that are difficult to kill, such as pothos, spider plants, English ivy, and the like, should be avoided in the room..


 Log pallet double planter


Alternatively, hanging plants in a double planter at home will provide a high decorative effect. Choose a log pallet t restore a simple look to the room's ceiling section with rope hooks. Begin with ornamental plants that are simple to bring into the room and require little care.

Roof truss, macrame, and hanging pothos


You can use abundant plants for the room's ceiling as long as it appears sturdy. Choose really macrame for hanging hooks, pothos plants, and similar sized planter. The roof truss will be an important in this room's hanging plant concept.

A piece of wood with a hook on the ceiling


Create a balanced look for your hanging plants at home. Adding a stick of wood and hemp rope to a light planter will make the hanging plant more appealing. Hang as neatly as possible and make sure to balance on the right or left side. will always share the most recent Home Design Pictures and Garden Ideas with you. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the new and inspiring ideas on

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