Clean Look Interior Design Ideas for Compact Houses -- Having a small house is usually a very difficult thing to design and decorate. But the following ideas will help you find inspiration to create a stunning look. For more details, check out Clean Look Interior Design Ideas for Compact Houses.



White interior 


Choosing white will be the right thing for a small room to keep it looking wider and clean. The use of white in this room is also supported by the concept of an open-plan room and an additional skylight roof. You can use other colors to combine with white. Try using natural wood colors.



Use glass for maximizing light

To provide the best lighting for a small house, you can replace the front wall with a glass stationary window that lets light in well. You can add curtains to make it more shaded.

Small kitchen idea

A loft design can help you maximize the space in a small house. Bottom line, it will be very interesting to use it as a small kitchen. Display a small table next to an open wall shelf. Make certain that you continue to provide the best space for a small kitchen.

Bedroom idea

If you use the lower part as a kitchen, maximize the upper loft area as a comfortable bedroom. The addition of a skylight roof will make a small area look wider. Give a touch of decoration such as plants that will be refreshing.

Monochrome bathroom

This small house also has a bathroom design that looks amazing. The monochrome style makes the room feel cleaner and calmer. The use of the shower cubicle also keeps other areas clean and dry. For a small space, you can minimize unnecessary furniture.

Outdoor space idea

Not only the interior, if you have enough yard, use it for a relaxing area that you will love. You can bring a shady pergola to enjoy the sunny atmosphere in the morning. Complete with some chairs and tables to make it more comfortable.




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