7 Inspirational Living Room Ideas To Give Your Space A New Look

HSdesain.com -- The living room with an attractive design gives a good impression for guests who come to visit at your home. The living room is an important room that is most often used.
Minimalist living room design is still a favorite in many circles, but you can combine modern styles for a stunning living room decoration look.
To help you find suitable decors reference, we've put together 7 inspirational living room ideas to give your space a new look!

1. Tropical modern living room

Create a modern living room design that still feels fresh by adding refreshing indoor plants. The best position for indoor plants is in the corner of the room near the window.
The living room with modern furniture offers a bold and attractive look. White the decoration of wooden wall shelves gives a natural impression.

2. Small modern living room


No matter how spacious the room you have, you can arrange the living room with an elegant and functional appearance.
 Use neutral color pallet to make the room feel spacious. Don't forget to combine it with multi functional furniture to maximize the capacity of the room.

3. Luxurious modern living room


Want a modern living room look more luxurious? You can try use luxurious furniture or gold touches. The living room with a combination of round-shaped golden tables looks to stand out. You just need to add flower decorations as a sweetener for the room.

4.  Maximize natural lighting


Keep the living room bright throughout the day by maximizing natural enrichment to the fullest. The living room with windows allows the air circulation system in the room to feel fresher.

5. Simple modern living room


Modern interior design prioritizes functional design. The living room design looks elegant with a simple design. Not much furniture is sued, so it creates a more spacious room appearance.

6.  Using warm vinyl flooring


Change the atmosphere of the living room to be warmer by using environmentally friendly furniture such as wooden floors. Arranging the living room with wooden floors offers a more cozy atmosphere. Especially if you combine it with a charming carpet.

7.  Gray modern living room



The living room design looks elegant with a gray interior. Gray interior design never fails to create a room design that looks modern and stylish.

Meanwhile, in terms of aesthetic, you can add charming contemporary style decorative lighting.

That's a review of 7 inspirational living room ideas to give your space a new look. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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