7 Excellent Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants!

HSdesain.com -- Plants are the best decoration for the interior because they can be applied to any style of home. The hallway is one area that will be interesting to decorate with plants. You can have an idea by checking out 7 Excellent Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants! Below this.

Clean look hallway


This white hallway has a clean and calming look. In addition to having a floor motif as a beautiful decorative accent, the addition of plants makes this area feel more refreshing. You can place it in an empty space above the sideboard for more space-saving.

Scandinavian style interior


Scandinavian style is inherent with refreshing plant decorations. The hallway in this Scandinavian interior looks warm, with some plants that make the area feel more alive. Place the plant in a vase or pot that has the same color as the surrounding furniture.

Use big plants


If you don't want to overdo the plants, use some of the larger ones in your hallway. Large plants do not need to be presented in large quantities, but can still spread freshness to the maximum.

Use dry flower or easy maintenance plants


If you don't like intense plant care, use dry plants or fresh plants with easy care. This hallway looks to have dried plants on the sideboard and also pothos plants placed on the walls. Pothos is one of the best choices for beginners.

Use shelf for your plants


If you want to have a lot of plants to create maximum freshness, you can arrange plants on shelves to make them more concise. Place this plant rack in the corner of the hallway so that its presence does not interfere.

Use hanging plants


Are you thinking of having hanging plants in your hallway? You must immediately make it happen to create a unique and not boring look. Place this hanging plant in an area adjacent to the wall to keep it looking neatly arranged.

Refreshing indoor garden


You can create an indoor garden if you have a large hallway. Place the plants on the right and left, so you still have a comfortable space to pass through the hallway. Use a planter so that your pot doesn't damage the floor.




Those are the Clean Look Interior Design Ideas for Compact Houses. We hope you like it.
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