7 DIY Hanging Herb Garden Ideas For Small Spaces


 HSdesain.com -- Growing herbs has many benefits for you. However, limited land makes it difficult to grow many plants, including herbs.

You don't have to worry any longer because we've compiled a list of 7 DIY hanging herb garden ideas for small spaces just for you! Consider the following suggestions!



 1. Hanging herbs on wood panels


The idea of hanging herbs on wood panels can be the first idea you can implement at home. Wooden panels are made simply with a checkerboard model. Continue by hanging herbs in a row.

2. Using a hanging macrame rope

Using a rope to hang the plant is an easy way to save space. You can make the appearance of a plain wall look more lively.
Ad for potted plants, you can use recycling that is easy to find.

3. Using shelf wall plants

Home terraces are used not only for growing houseplants. You can even grow healthy herbs.
Combine wall shelves with containers to grow them.

4. Hanging shelves in the corner of the kitchen

The kitchen is the perfect place to grow herbs. The plant rack model is designed in three levels to maximize capacity. Hang them in the corner of the kitchen to save room capacity.

5. Unique plant racks

Want the appearance of the plant shelf to look different from others? You can use this idea as a reference. The design resembles an attractive and unique wooden fence.

6. Hanging on window railings

Windows are the best place to grow plants indoors. Plants can get the maximum natural lighting. Herbs will grow well.
You can use iron or rope to hang them.

7. Hanging herbs on the door

You can use the door at the same time to grow herbs. Lavender and basil are one of the best indoor herbs plants. Put zig-zag herbs for an aesthetic look.

Those are 7 DIY hanging herb garden ideas for small spaces. We hope you like it.
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