7 Best Bedroom Decorating Ideas With Plants to Steal from Instagram


HSdesain.com -- The plant can provide many benefits for the home. There are many types of plants that you can choose according to your taste. Beautiful plants can increase beauty while making the room feel cool. The quality of your will also improve.

To add references, here are 7 best bedroom decorating ideas with plants to steal from Instagram. 



1. Decorate the walls of the bedroom


Create a plain white bedroom wall look alive with an attractive arrangement of plants. You can attach the pot to the wall directly or use a wall shelf. The green color creates a fresher atmosphere.

2. Indoor plants in Bohemian rooms


Arranging the bedroom with Bohemian decors is one way to make the room feel more homey. Rattan plants and decorations are the perfect combination for beautiful decorations.

3. Using hanging plants


 Using hanging plants is one of the easy ways to decorate the bedroom . Hanging plants can help you save available space. Their appearance also looks attractive and aesthetic.

4. Plants on the side table

Create the side table look  captivating with refreshing greenery decorations. Put indoor plants near the lamp or table decoration.
So that the appearance of the bedroom looks charming.

5. Hanging plants on a macrame rope


Actually, you can hang plants in different ways. Among them use charming macrame rope. The design of the bedroom with hanging plants looks eye-catching.
Suitable for charming Bohemian decors.

6.  Hanging plants and series


Not only plants, you can combine a series of chandeliers to create a more romantic home atmosphere.
The decoration of the chandelier looks attractive and exudes a warm atmosphere.

7. Indoor plants in the corner of the room


The best place to grow a plant is near the window. The bedroom above has an all-white interior. Meanwhile, Peace lily is seen growing well by the window. Because it gets lighting well. 

Those are the 7 best bedroom decorating ideas with plants to steal from Instagram. We hope you like it.

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