The Best Design for Cool and Stylish Kid's Bedroom -- Designing a child's bedroom is indeed something that must be considered in detail. Starting from the color selection, decoration details, furniture safety, and also the layout. 

Having a comfortable and attractive room will make children more independent and have privacy for their growing period. The following design ideas will help you maximize the design of a stylish child's room. 

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Stylish kids bedroom

This bedroom with shades of green has a selection of color tones that are still soft and unobtrusive. The pattern of the painting on the headboard wall makes the bedroom look not boring and makes children curious. The addition of a grid wall will help children map their activities more regularly on pasted notes.

Clever placement

For a more lively look, you can use yellow as a combination on the walls of the room. Use drawings of characters your child likes to help them be more imaginative. Use a small bed that you arrange close to the wall to make it safer for your child.

Pastel palette

The selection of matching colors in the interior of this bedroom will make it look even more beautiful. Pastel pink walls, with beautiful paintings, match the pastel furniture around them. You can add a thick carpet to make it more comfortable and safe for children.



Creative bed design

If you want to make your child more interested in his bedroom, you can use furniture in the shape he likes. For this boy's room, the car-shaped bed fits perfectly with the map-painted wall and the route to his favorite area such as school, mountains, Disneyland or anything else.

Bunk bed for small space

A bunk bed would be perfect for a small space used by 2 children. However, make sure you choose safe furniture and a bed that is equipped with railings so that the child does not fall. Use the empty space around it for a study table or additional cool play area.



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