Stunning Design for Tiny Home 8 x 3 M - Suitable for Your Limited Space -- Even though it's small, design your home to the maximum to make it have a beautiful appearance and a comfortable interior. Having a small house also requires the right layout to keep it functional. With a size of 8 x 3 M, you can have a cozy little house. For the design, check the following article regarding Stunning Design for Tiny Home 8 x 3 M - Suitable for Your Limited Space.

Home Interior

Having a small house, this design looks comfortable with ample space. On the ground floor area, it is used as a living room and also a neatly arranged dining room. The selection of furniture is also chosen with a sleek design and makes the room not feel full.

Loft design

You can also present 2 loft designs in your tiny house. Make the two loft areas for bedrooms to keep them private. Place the mattress on the floor to make this loft area comfortable and feel spacious.

Neat arrangement with large window

You can also arrange the design according to what you want. The presence of the window becomes an important part when you have a small house. Present windows in various corners of the wall to maximize air circulation and light.

Relaxing spot

This house also has a casual area in the window area. You can make it a comfortable, relaxing area by adding a few sofa bearings. Or, you can also use an area near this window to place a cabinet that can maximize your storage.

Maximize your space

You also need to maximize a small room with a good arrangement. Use a small cabinet and also a corner of the room to place your washing machine neatly. Don't forget the presence of a window that will make you more excited to wash while looking at the bright outdoor view. 

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Author : Hafidza
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