Perfect Studio Apartment Design Ideas You'll Love -- Living in a studio apartment is  a challenge for you to design a room to be functional. A room with a narrow size does not mean that it is uncomfortable. You can even arrange the room neatly and also the appropriate furniture. That way, the room will certainly always be cozy.
If you're doing a renovation, we'll share a reference to perfect studio apartment design ideas you'll love!

 Room with complete facilities

Create a studio apartment design with complete facilities to provide maximum comfort. You can arrange the bed and the TV is side by side. Use single bed furniture to give the impression of a more spacious room. While you can place the side table near the bed to put various equipment to keep it neat.


Using mirror decorations

 Using mirror decoration is one of the ways that is often used to create a narrow room reflection that feels large. You can put on the side that you want to make relief. Tips if you live in a studio apartment, use multi functional furniture to help save space while maximizing storage.

 Room with natural lighting

A room that always look bright all day long provides maximum comfort. The design of the studio apartment has large windows, so that natural lighting can enter optimally in the room. That way, the air in the room feels fresher.


 Using the concept of an open plan

Arranging the space with the concept of an open plant can create a more spacious room atmosphere. The living room and dining room are designed without a room partition. Then the room looks bigger.

Cool viewing room


Want to experience watching a movie theater without having to leave the room? You can arrange a special room for watching a mini-cinema. Use as empty corner of the room. That way, you can freely invite friends to watch together on weekends.

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