Landscaping with Pebbles : Creative Ways to Use Them in Your Yard -- Having a yard with a beautiful landscape will certainly attract attention and make anyone amazed to see it. Many people use the yard as a fresh garden. It doesn't have to be grassed, you can replace it with pebble, which maximizes water absorption during the rainy season. For some ideas for using pebbles on the page, check out this article about Landscaping with Pebbles: Creative Ways to Use Them in Your Yard.

Neat arrangement

This backyard is dominated by pebbles which are neatly arranged to create a clean and pleasant look. The addition of some plants is still well laid out in order to further maximize the beauty of a neat garden landscape.

Creative dry garden

This small yard is made with a creative look using the dry garden concept. Not only with pebbles that are made to dominate, but there is also a garden border that keeps the pebbles in order. You can make the yard in a warm desert style.

Pebbles around the tree

Different from the previous concept, this page still looks fresh with green grass. Additional pebbles are designed in the tree area in the middle of the garden. This will retain moisture and keep your plants fresh.

Impressive garden

The front page instantly becomes the most prominent area with pebbles with different color combinations. You can add water features that make the page look more creative. Don't worry about this water feature disturbing the yard, as the surrounding pebbles will work well to absorb any water that might spill.


Path in the backyard

This backyard is an amazing relaxing area with fresh plants as well as a dry area created with additional paving and pebbles. You can use it as a path to the relaxing area at the end of this backyard.



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