Common Cause of Croton Plants Dropping Leaves and How to Overcome them


Common Cause of Croton Plants Dropping Leaves and How to Overcome them -- Croton is one of the bright, string and popular ornamental plants in various communities. Maintenance is not difficult and suitable for beginners. Although it is not that difficult to care for, a common problem with this plant is the falling leaves and some don't know what cause it. Here are some reasons that cause croton plants to drop their leaves and how to overcome them.



The first cause that cause the leaves of the croton plant to fall is overwatering. This plant likes slightly moist  soil and can not accept excess water for a long time. Do not do watering when the soil is moist, and choose a container with maximum drainage holes.

Too dry conditions


In addition to overwatering, a common cause that makes croton plants drop their leaves is under watering. This condition can make the croton plant unresolved and can die. You can prevent this by providing immediate watering when the soil is dry with a careful timeframe.

Questionable temperature and humidity


Then there is the problem of temperature and humidity which is the main role in dropping croton leaves. You can increase the humidity around the plant with several options, for example, mist it several times a day, place it in bathrooms and kitchens close to water, and use a humidifier to increase the humidity in the room when the air is very dry.




Although croton plants like light in a bright and indirect room. This plant is not suitable for too loo light which will cause stress and make the leaves start to turn yellow and fall slowly. Overcome by moving the plant to a lighter area, normally slowly, away from direct light during the day or evening to prevent leaf burn.

Exposed to pests and diseases


In addition to the factors above, another problem that can cause croton plants to lose their leaves is being exposed to pests and diseases. Prevent it by quarantining new plants and checking regularly what pests and diseases the plant or plant owner can handle their own.

Abnormal fertilizer


Nutrition is important for ornamental plants, especially croton. When the fertilizer is applied too much or too much or too little will cause plant failure. In addition to causing los, the soil will also lose nutrients and this requires a long time to repair.

Falling croton leaves can also occur due to environmental stress that stresses the plant or because it is too old. Older leaves can turn yellow and fall off, and are a natural life cycle with inadequate care. will always share you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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