Beautiful Colorful Interior that Make Your Day! -- Comfort is certainly the top priority in a house because the house is the best place to rest after a day of activities outside. One of the ways to create the comfort of home is to pay close attention to the concept. You can use a colorful interior to give beauty to each corner and make the child more imaginative of the color he captures. For ideas for a house with colorful interiors, check out the following article about Beautiful Colorful Interior that Make Your Day!

Living room idea

The living room is an important part that must be considered carefully in the design and decoration because it will create the first impression of the house when you are visiting. This living room has a neatly arranged look. There are 2 sofas that have different colors, with one sofa having a sharper color and the other having a soft color. The addition of carpets with motifs also helps the living room look more attractive.

Colorful dining table

As for the dining room, the white walls make a clean and spacious impression. Using a colorful dining table will make the room more lively. The wall decorations also have a look that matches the pastel chairs nearby.

Creative stairs

This section will of course be very much liked by children because of the stairs that have amazing pastel colors. When viewed from below, this staircase looks like a rainbow that will take you to the 2nd floor. To give it a refreshing touch, there are plants that have pots with pastel colors to follow the style of the stairs.

Child's bedroom

The child's bedroom is also designed and decorated attractively. This can be seen with walls that have flower paintings with beautiful colors, as well as the presence of chandeliers that look cute. This child's bed is also very functional and can be used to store some things and toys.

Main bedroom

Different from the children's bedroom, this master bedroom has a simpler concept and there are not many decorations that are strikingly colored. A plain wall with a dark green color will be a variation of the appearance of the bedroom so that it is not boring.

Bathroom idea

This yellow bathroom will be a pleasant sight when you are taking a shower. Not only yellow, this bathroom also uses black walls with brick motifs. You can choose it according to your preferences.

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