7 Stylish Scandinavian Design Ideas to Try In Your Home

HSdesain.com --  Scandinavian house styles are gaining popularity and have many enthusiast. Because the Scandinavian style offers maximum balance and comfort. The simple and clean interior design is one of the characteristics of Scandinavian houses. Suitable for use in various designs and types of houses.
If you are interested, we will share 7 stylish Scandinavian design ideas to try in your home! Let's see the review below!

1.  Gray and white living room

Using neutral colors is a must, when designing a Scandinavian house. Neutral interior colors, such as gray, and natural wood colors, offer tranquility.
For the living room with a gray sofa and beige cushion looks cozy and charming.

2.  Using wooden furniture

Wood is one of the materials often used in Scandinavian style interiors. The wooden living room table, looks in harmony, with the rattan chairs and other earthy tone decorations.

The design of the living room looks attractive with an elegant arrangement.


3. Bedroom with airy lighting

Ensuring natural enrichment enters through large windows is a Scandinavian -style character. Bedrooms with natural lighting allow for a healthier room. That way your sleep will be better.

4.  Kitchen with a practical design

The kitchen design above is designed to be simple but still functional. Kitchen cabinets with a single line design are suitable for use in a narrow room. 
Especially if you combine it with a neat arrangement Various activities will run more effectively and efficiently.

5.  Multi functional cabinet

The narrow size of the room is no longer an obstacle to having a comfortable home. The key is the arrangement and choosing the appropriate furniture.

Using a multi functional cabinet will help you maximize the available storage.

6. Cozy Scandinavian room

 Liven up the atmosphere of the room by adding cozy elements of decors. You can try using cushions and homey fur carpets.
The combination of rattan furniture and decorations with a neutral color palette provides maximum comfort.

7. Adding greenery


Create a cool room by adding refreshing greenery. Indoor plants not only make the atmosphere of the room cooler, plants also improve every side of your room.

Those are 7 stylish Scandinavian design ideas to try in your home. We hope it is useful.

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Author : Hafsah
Editor : Munawaroh
Source : Instagram @maria_nordichouse

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