7 Popular Modern Small Side Garden Ideas

HSdesain.com -- Not only can you have a garden in your front yard or backyard, you can also maximize the presence of your side yard for a creative and eye-catching garden. Some things you should keep in mind to keep the garden looking beautiful in a small side yard. Check out the following article about 7 Popular Modern Small Side Garden Ideas for some side garden inspiration.

Garden and chill out corner


If you like the look of a garden that is kept clean, you can use this one idea. Make a garden area that doesn't take up the entire area of ​​your side yard. Place the plant in a pot and create a dry area around it. You can use the remaining space around the garden for the perfect relaxing corner.

Add gate to your side garden


This side garden looks fresh by using a small gate that you can combine with vines. This side garden also has a path surrounded by fresh plants planted in planters. You can walk through this garden in awe.

Simple side garden


It doesn't have to be filled with grass, create your small garden beside the house by presenting several pots containing fresh plants. You can combine it with gravel, which will be perfect for water absorption during the rainy season.

Green and fresh look


This side garden will be very amazing for those of you who like a refreshing green look. Use the dominant grass and combine it with paths to keep your plants manicured and untrod den. You can also add a garden bed for a neater planting plot.

Add colorful flowers


You don't have to make much effort to create a side garden. Use a pot filled with flowers of various colors that you arrange neatly on the edge of the yard adjacent to the wall. Keep leaving space for you to make it easier when watering and caring for the plants in this side garden.

Desert garden


The garden does not have to appear with the color of green grass, you can use the dry garden concept that is popular in desert areas. This dominating white garden will create a clean and elegant appearance. Give a touch of desert plants that make this side garden look more alive and fresh.

Creative small garden


You'll love this last suggestion for a small and narrow space beside the house. Material selection and creative arrangement will enhance its beauty. You can neatly arrange plants and provide paths to complete your lovely landscaping.



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