7 Nifty Bathroom Storage Ideas to Make Use Of Every Bit Of Space Available

HSdesain.com -- The comfort level of the bathroom is not only determined by the attractive design, but also the neat arrangement and the organized storage. 
The size of the bathroom is not that it is uncomfortable and boring. You can arrange the bathroom with smart storage. That way the  bathroom will look charming and functional even with a limited size.
Here are 7 nifty bathroom storage ideas to make use of every bit of space available!

1. Multi functional basket

 Keep the bathroom neat and organized with regular storage. By using a multi functional basket, you can put dirty clothes and other toiletries. 
The large size of the basket can store the goods to the maximum.

2. Using hanging racks

The small bathroom size is no longer a problem for you to design the room to keep it functional. Use part of the wall to the maximum. Like using a hanging rack in a picture.
Continue by hanging pockets to store toiletries.

3.  Three-level open rack


 Want a handy bathroom storage rack? You can use three-level open shelves that are easy to move. Open shelf designs are available in various models, and you can adjust to the tastes and needs of the room.

4. Simple bathroom cabinet


Additional cabinets under the sink allow you to store a lot of equipment neatly. Use cabinets with simple designs to avoid a full impression on the room.  White cabinets look elegant and are suitable for se in a narrow room.

5. Elegant wooden shelves


Want a more natural look in the bathroom ? You can use elegant wooden shelves. Models of multistory wooden shelves look unique and beautiful. That way you can put  various decorations and neat toiletries.

6. Space-saving wall shelves


One of the easiest ways to maximize storage in the bathroom is to use wall shelves. That way, the bathroom will always be comfortable and tidy.

7.  Bathroom vanity cabinet


The next bathroom design is equipped with an elegant vanity cabinet with rustic wood material. The cabinet design also looks elegant with a dark top table. You can add greenery as a refresher.

Those are 7 nifty bathroom storage ideas to make use of every bit of space available. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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Author : Hafsah
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