7 Low Maintenance Small Houseplant Keep for Beginner

7 Low Maintenance Small Houseplant Keep for Beginner

HSdesain.com -- You are a beginner lover of ornamental plants? It may be scary to bring back houseplant into your home because you are worried about the care and disease that might attack the plants. You have to be a careful and professional gardener even if you are a beginner. This list of 7 plants will again make the interior of home more beautiful with plant that are easy to care for. 



If you are looking for an easy care, decorative houseplant look no further than Haworthia. These small houseplant are one of the most popular African succulents among indoor gardeners because they are easy to grow and great to look at. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and very hardy.

Alocasia 'Black Velvet'


Then, if your beginner for gardener, alocasia black velvet its amazing for small houseplant most you have. This plant likes bright diffused light, when mature, it will flower and new pups will grow at form the side of the mother plant. You can separate them when the pups grow bigger.


Jade plant


A small indoor plant or succulent is such a lovely present, it doesn't break the bank, and you're not contributing to landfill. You can easily propagate succulents and use a pot from a second hand shop or even better use you already have.



You can take back small houseplant for bathroom at home. They tend to be warmer and more humid, exactly what the majority of plants need. A mini indoor jungle will brighten up even a dark, low-light bathroom. Choose pilea, that is requires a humid environment to thrive, so it will grow amazingly in a bathroom with some good light.


Rhipsalis Cereuscula

A small shrubs cactus found growing mostly on rock and tree trunks in the tropics.

An ideal indoor plant, pop it in-front of the window and water once a month, if they get a little droopy it needs a drink.

Aeschynanthus radicans



The eye-catching lipstick plant is well-known for its distinctive blooms. Each colorful flower grows from a darker sleeve, giving it the appearance of a lipstick tube. 

Some other quick facts about lipstick plant: low maintenance and flower freely, blooms all year long with good care, will get more flowers when planted in a small-size container.

A thousand heart


More than just decoration, this small houseplant can grow with vines and take a hanging basket on the corner at room at home. This plant, looking like a succulent trailing, have leaves hearth-shaped, green, and , little bit gorden glow. Give fertilizer and care everything about the disease if you want to look this plant bigger and lush.

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