7 Gorgeous Living Room with Plants Ideas

HSdesain.com -- Living room with freshness, will make you more confident when guests come. One of the things you can do to create a refreshing living room is to decorate it with plants. The following ideas will be interesting for you to apply. For that, check the following article about 7 Gorgeous Living Room with Plants Ideas.

Lush plant on the living room


This living room has fresh plants and seems to want to highlight the urban jungle concept. Some plants are placed in several corners with lush. However, to keep it tidy, you can arrange it on a shelf which will make the living room more shady and very fresh.

Clean and elegant living room


This living room looks clean using the right color selection. The surrounding decor becomes a touch that makes the living room more lively. One of the decorations is a palm plant placed on the planter next to the sofa. You can also place some small plants on the wall shelf.

Big plant for shady atmosphere


Your house, which is dominated by modern style glass, will be very pleasant when adding plants, including in the living room. Choose large plants to block incoming light and keep the living room shady and comfortable.

Natural look


Although not many plants are owned by this living room, the appearance that sticks out naturally on the wall will make the living room more fresh and attractive. You can choose pothos to serve as the main plant.

Refreshing plant and monochrome style


This monochrome living room will be your mainstay to make guests feel calmer with the look and style it has. Moreover, the additional plants around it can make the air cleaner and fresher.

Hanging plant ideas


Hanging plants will be an interesting point in your living room. You can choose hanging plants to make it look like a plant curtain that take the attention of whoever is coming.

Plant shelf ideas


This last living room idea with plants looks creative by placing plants on a wall shelf. You can install a row of wooden boards as shelves that will become a decorative accent in the room. Fill it with small plants of various types to attract attention.

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