7 Chic and Elegant Wood Kitchen Tables

 HSdesain.com -- Create a kitchen as a gathering place to enjoy a pleasant meal. Not only does the kitchen have the main function used for cooking, but the kitchen can also be used as a dining room. An attractive design will make various activities feel good.
To add to your reference, here are 7 chic and elegant wood kitchen tables!

1.  U-shaped kitchen

There are many models of kitchen tables that you can adjust to your needs and available land. One of them is the letter U kitchen, which allows you to move freely when cooking. The wooden kitchen table looks elegant with a refreshing combination of greenery.

2. Letter L-shaped kitchen

As the name implies, the angular kitchen is very similar to the letter L. Wooden table-top has a stunning appearance while giving a natural impression to the kitchen interior. Suitable for many style of houses.

3. Double linear kitchen

The kitchen with an elongated room fits perfectly with the single line kitchen table layout. Kitchen with single line layout design face to face. That way, in addition to the table for cooking, you can use the other table for other purposes.

4. Scandinavian-style kitchen

 The Scandinavian-style kitchen offers a peaceful and charming design. The combination of white bruises and also a wooden table looks perfect. Moreover, it is supported by other environmentally friendly furniture such as rattan chairs and stunning plants.

5. Kitchen table with task light

Create a more dramatic and warm kitchen atmosphere by arranging the right lighting. The design of the wooden kitchen table looks bright combined with the task light. The cooking process will be easier.

6. Wooden kitchen countertop with hanging lamp

Designing a mini bar will make the kitchen look more stylish and functional. Especially when combined with a charming hanging lamp. By using hanging lamp, it will make the appearance of the bar table more stand out.

7. Wooden kitchen countertops and pastel cabinets


Want to create a calmer kitchen atmosphere? You can arrange the kitchen with the use of pastel colors. Pastel blue is a peaceful natural color. Especially if you combine it with warm wooden furniture.

Those are the 7 chic and elegant wood kitchen tables. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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