Tiny House Design Ideas for Cozy Living


HSdesain.com -- Tiny houses are one of the most popular designs because they are considered more efficient because of the small land area and cheaper prices. Having a small house can also be designed to the maximum to make the room in it function properly and comfortably. For tiny house design ideas that you can emulate, check out the following article about Tiny House Design Ideas for Cozy Living.

House facade

The facade design of this house looks minimalist by using sturdy and safety materials. To create more space, this tiny house was built on 2 floors, which does not require additional land to build it.

Front porch

Still discussing the exterior of this tiny house, the terrace design looks clean with decorations that are not too excessive. Choosing vertical decorations using shelves or hanging plants will help a small area feel spacious.

Living room

Entering the interior of the house, you will be greeted with a small living room, which can be seen from the sofa in the front corner. This room is also equipped with heating, which will be very useful in cold weather. Again, the decoration of this room is maximized on the wall area, which saves more space.

Open plan concept

The room in this house is also made with an open plan concept that keeps it feeling fresh. To separate the front and back areas, there is a small bar table that is joined to the kitchen. Then, turning to the stairs, the use of a spiral design is also highly recommended for a small room in this tiny house.


This kitchen design looks beautiful by using a marble surface that has a distinctive style and enhances the aesthetics of the room. The window design is also not forgotten in this kitchen to make the sketch of the room wider and brighter, and to provide better air circulation.

Outdoor stair

In addition to the stairs inside the house, to get to the 2nd floor area, there are also outside stairs which are another access option. The 2nd floor area is also used as a fresh and comfortable outdoor relaxing area.

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