Make A Splash With Tropical Interior Vibe --  Tropical home design involves the use of of charming natural materials. The use of environmentally friendly materials creates a more homey home atmosphere. Especially if you combine a beautiful chic style. Here is a tropical-style dream house with an adorable chic touch!

Living room with indoor plants

Bringing indoor plants into the house is one of the easy ways to beautify the interior appearance. Plants also become the main element of the tropical house. Monstera is a popular indoor plant with low care. You can combine the pink sofa with the clam cushion to make the room feel more cozy.

Tropical style kitchen

The kitchen with all-white cabinets stands out with a tropical-style interior. The window sill is the best place to grow houseplants and herbaceous. Interior with light colors can create the impression of the illusion of a narrow room more spacious.

 Colorful tropical style TV room

Make a TV room that feels cheerful by using furniture with bright colors. The interior of the walls with a white base color looks clean. Moreover, combined with the use of colorful furniture, it succeeds in bringing the atmosphere of the room to life. Decoration made from rattan is a characteristic of a beautiful tropical style.

Tropical bedroom design


Designing a bedroom with a bed canopy can enhance the beauty of the room. Especially if you combine it with a white cloth that looks aesthetically pleasing. While you can place plant decorations around the bedroom for a fresher room.

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Author : Hafsah
Editor : Munawaroh
Source :Instagram @tropicali_haven


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