Gorgeous Bohemian Balcony Ideas with Earth Tone

HSdesain.com -- Designs and decorations with a Bohemian concept are a trend that cannot be abandoned. The unique details in the Bohemian concept are able to attract many people, which are then adapted to various room spots in the house. This time, the Bohemian balcony design will be an interesting discussion, and you will like it. For that, check out the following article about Gorgeous Bohemian Balcony Ideas with Earth Tone.

Cozy relaxing corner


This first idea features a small balcony that is used as a cozy lounge corner with customized furniture. The use of several pattern details also makes the distinctive Bohemian concept look even more beautiful.

Combine pattern


The combination of motifs is one of the characteristics of the Bohemian concept. Like this balcony, combining several motifs becomes an attraction to make this small balcony look more beautiful. Several hanging plants are placed on the balcony wall to resemble a dream catcher.

Natural look


Natural colors make this small balcony appear more spacious and clean. The use of wall decorations in the form of macrame creates a Bohemian atmosphere that looks beautiful. To give a fresh touch, some plants are also placed in some corners of this small balcony.

Blend with nature


Occupying the exterior of the house, this balcony has a bright and fresh outdoor atmosphere. The earth-tone Bohemian concept makes it feel more at one with nature. This balcony also maximizes the furniture and exterior using wood materials that have a calming vibe.

Right decoration


This last balcony idea displays a beautiful natural view around it. The use of furniture on this balcony uses distinctive wood and rattan nuances with Bohemian decorations. The seagrass on this balcony is one of the touches that makes the Bohemian concept feel even more optimal.



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