7 Stunning Sage Green Kitchens That Are Trendy Yet Timeless

HSdesain.com -- Looking for different kitchen inspiration? Designing a kitchen with a green sage theme, you can try to apply at home. The green color of sage green symbolize hope, and brings tavern to the soul. A kitchen with a sage green theme can make cooking activities more enjoyable.
If you're interested, we've rounded up 7 stunning sage green kitchens that are trendy yet timeless!

1.  Sage green and gold accents


Create a luxurious sage green kitchen by giving it a charming golden accent. Sage green is a timeless color and you can combine it with other colors, including gold. The sink part with golden shades stands out and attracts attention.


2. Kitchen sage green with natural lighting

Designing a kitchen with large-sized windows allows the room to get maximum lighting. The kitchen also looks brighter and will make you more excited to do activities.

3. Kitchen sage green letter L


The letter L-shaped sage green kitchen looks functional in a cramped room. The empty space section can be used as a dining room. Both rooms have interrelated functions, so it is not a problem to design the kitchen and dining room in the same room

4. Modern kitchen sage green

The next sage green kitchen design looks modern with practical furniture. The top-table also looks neat with the selection of sophisticated electric stove furniture. The model is simple and does not take up much space, suitable for a minimalist kitchen.

 5. Kitchen sage green letter U

 Arranging a sage green letter U kitchen makes it easier for you, when you are on the move. Especially when combined with a neat interior, of course, the kitchen will be the most comfortable place to cook and gather with family.

6. Vintage-style sage green kitchen

 Vintage style always gives warmth to every room, including the kitchen. The sage green kitchen vintage style can be seen from the farm house style wall shelf furniture. Supported by beautiful motif curtains that can enhance the beauty of the kitchen.

7. Kitchen sage green and natural wood


Want to make the kitchen design look more natural? You can arrange the kitchen with charming wooden furniture. Wood is synonymous with natural materials that can make the kitchen feel homey. You can add wall shelves to maximize storage.

That's the review of 7 stunning sage green kitchens that are trendy yet timeless. Hopefully the information above is useful.

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