7 Spaces With Green Interiors That Will Give You Heart Eyes

HSdesain.com -- Green is a dynamic and refreshing color. The green color also symbolizes nature and the environment. No wonder many fell in love with them. The green color comes with a variety of color options that you can adjust to your needs. You can bring the freshness of green in your home.
Here are 7 spaces with green interiors that will give you heart eyes. Let's see the review!

1. Green front porch

 Arranging the front porch with an attractive appearance can give a good impression for guests who come to visit. The exterior of the walls is filled with green shades that refresh the house.

2. Green living room

The living room is a room that is often used. You should design it as best you can for maximum comfort. The use of letter L sofas is the focal point of the living room. You can combine with all-green decorations for the best look.

3. Green dining room

 Create a homey dining room design with a tropical green theme. The design of the dining room is made simple. Suitable for small newly marries families.

4. Laundry room 

 The design of a neat and clean laundry room will make you excited to wash clothes. With the theme of the green interior and the decoration of the surrounding plants, it succeed in making the look even more charming.

5. Kitchen letter L green

 The simple design brings maximum comfort. A functional kitchenette is no exception. The white walls look more lively with charming all-green furniture and accessories. Cooking also becomes more fun.

6. Gorgeous green TV room 

After the living room, there is a TV room that has frequent intensity to occupy. The TV room is a place to gather with the family. Neat arrangement and adding indoor plants will create a  cooler home atmosphere,

7. Beautiful green bedroom

Another room that looks beautiful in green is the bedroom.  The design of the bedroom is made simple with a floor bed. To create the impression of a narrow room feeling more spacious.

That's the review of 7 spaces with green interiors that will give you heart eyes. Hopefully, the information above is useful for you.

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Author : Hafsah
Editor : Munawaroh
Source : Instagram @rumahjasmine19


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