7 Living Room Indoor Plants That Every Home Needs

 HSdesain.com -- Do you want to change the look of the living room to feel cooler? The easiest way you can add some charming ornamental plants. Indoor plants in addition to making the appearance of the room look stunning, it turns out that they can make the room fresher. Not only that, indoor plants can also purify the air well.
To give you a reference, we've put together 7 living room indoor plants that every home needs!

1. Peace lily

If you are looking for the best living room indoor plants, peace lily is one of them. Peace lily has easy care, the plant even survives with low light. Peace lily has a characteristic charming white colored flower. The most important thing is that peace lily is an indoor plant that can purify the air well.

2. Pothos

 We recommend Pothos plant for you novice gardeners. Pothos plant is an indoor plant that can grow anywhere. They have a characteristic creeping leaves with a refreshing green leaf color. Suitable for holding near the living room table.

3. Snake plant


Make your living room look stunning by growing a Snake plant. This indoor plant has a distinctive feature of a unique vertical leaf shape. Especially if you combine them with ceramic pots, you can put them in the corner of the living room as a space refresher.

4. ZZ plant

Another indoor plant that is suitable in the living room is the ZZ plant. They are known for their beautiful, shiny leaves. They can also live well in low-lights spaces. The ZZ plant will make the appearance of the living room even more stunning.

5. Pilea peperomioides

This plant is known by another name, namely the money plant. Because it has a leaf shape similar to a coin. Pilea peperomiodes are also easy to grow. The best place is near the window. Because this plant loves indirect natural light.

6.  Phalaenopsis

Create a stunning living room design with stunning orchid decorations. Phaleonopsis lives well in low light. It is suitable for use as a decoration for the living room to look more luxurious.
7. Chinese Evergreen


 Chinese evergreen is one of the most popular indoor plants. Moreover, this plant has characteristic leaves with beautiful colors and motifs. You can grow Aglaonema in a shaded room with indirect sunlight.

Those are 7 living room indoor plants that every home needs. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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