7 Interior Ideas with Colorful Style

HSdesain.com -- The interior of the house is very important to note the concept because a lot of time is spent in the house, so it requires comfort that can be created by designing and decorating the interior. One of the ideas that you can use to create a beautiful home interior is to use colorful shades. For some ideas, check the following posts.



Living room ideas

This living room looks beautiful with a wall full of motifs. Not only that, the selection of furniture is an equally interesting part to pay close attention to. Use striking colors to make the atmosphere of the room brighter and cheerful.

Stairs design

The appearance of the stairs in this house also looks attractive with a variety of color choices, but still looks good together. This staircase wall decoration is equipped with several frames of various sizes which are still neatly arranged and make it have a view that is not boring when passing through the stairs.

Kitchen ideas

This small kitchen looks fun with the application of soft pastel colors in the interior. Some flower vases will be decorations that make this kitchen look more alive. However, don't forget to remember the presence of windows that circulate air and light so that the kitchen is not stuffy.

Relaxing spot

This house also has an indoor relaxing room that has a bright outdoor feel, by using a skylight roof and walls that seem to make the house open. Don't forget the presence of lounge chairs and sofas that make you more comfortable enjoying your time.

Childrens room

Children's room is one of the interesting parts of this house. The colorful interior design will be very suitable to be presented in the children's room, which should have an imaginative and creative concept. The wall paintings as well as the furniture and decorations need to be considered carefully in order to make this room more fun and provide memorable comfort for children.

Bedroom ideas

No less interesting than other rooms owned by this house, this bedroom uses soft colors that make it blend well. This chandelier that has beautiful colors and designs is one of the decorations that maximizes the appearance of this bedroom.



Narrow toilet

Although narrow, this toilet still has an attractive interior with beautiful wall motifs. Proper arrangement of certain spots also provides a comfortable space for this toilet. Don't forget the presence of windows when you have a narrow room.

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