7 Inspiring Interior Design With Color Purple

HSdesain.com -- The choice of interiors colors plays an important role in creating the atmosphere of the house. Purple is one of the most popular colors. Moreover, the purple color is in the impression of being elegant, expensive, and at the same time luxurious. No wonder many people use purple as the theme of the home interior .
Here are 7 inspiring interior designs with the color purple especially for you!

1.  Facade of the house

The facade of this minimalist-style house looks charming with a purple exterior. To exterior the appearance of an elegant house, you can use a beautiful white color combination. White walls can also create the impression of a more spacious home.

2.  Purple living room

The living room is a room that is often used. No wonder, you have to design a living wit a beautiful design. The purple interior arrangement in the living room looks beautiful and luxurious. The combination of soft purple and dark purple looked perfect.

3. Functional balcony of the house

The balcony of the house is one of the best places to design a laundry room. The design of the laundry room is designed simply, but the shades of purple color manage to make the balcony look luxurious.

4.Charming purple kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a house. The design of the letter U kitchen is designed simply, but with shades of purple makes everything looks prettier. Moreover, the shabby chic curtains make the kitchen look neater.

5.  Relax on the balcony of the house

 The other side of the balcony is used as a cozy relaxing spot. A pair of chairs and  a coffee table is the best combination to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

6. Beautiful purple bedroom

Another room that looks charming with purple shades is the bedroom. The bedroom design is designed with a pair of charming windows. You just need to add matching colored curtains for the best look.

7.  Purple bathroom design

The bathroom is the last room. The wall section looks wider, with white shades that dominate. While the purple accents that make the bathroom feel more lively. The simple design makes the narrow space feel relieved.
Those are 7 inspiring interior design with color purple. Hopefully, the information above is useful.
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Author : Hafsah
Editor : Munawaroh
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