7 Hanging Plant Ideas For Bathroom

 HSdesain.com -- Decorating a small bathroom is a challenge for you. Using plant decorations is a simple way to make a bathroom look more beautiful. Indoor plants have may benefits.
The bathroom is one of the best places to grow plants. Here are 7 hanging plant ideas for bathroom .

1. Using the concept of a vertical garden

 The concept of a vertical garden is one way to save the capacity of available space. You just need to hang the plant of the wall. Not only one plant, you can combine with many types of plant for the best garden look.

2.  Hanging plants on twigs

 Tropical style bathroom is synonymous with natural design. The decorations used have environmentally friendly materials. A wooden branch can be seen functioning as a place to hang plants in the bathroom. So that the bathroom also looks more integrated with nature.

3. Plants in the corner of the bathroom

Make the corner of your bathroom look beautiful by adding greenery decorations. The existence of plants not only enhances the beauty, but also can purify the air as well. Golden pothos is one of the best indoor plants.

4. Plants near the window

For goof growth of indoor plants, you must determine the best position. Near the window or window sill is the perfect place to grow indoor plants. They get the full light of the sun to grow well.

5. Hanging plants and wall shelves

How many plants can you put in the bathroom ? To maximize storage, you can use walls shelves to place plants. There is not only one corner shelf, there are three levels. Very functional in a small bathroom.

 6. Tradescantia zebrina in the bathroom


Who is not familiar with this beautiful hanging plant? They have a characteristic, charming purple leaf color. Tradescantia zebrina is one of the hanging plants with low care. Suitable for novice gardeners.


7. Green tropical bathroom


 The appearance of the bathroom tiles with emerald nuances looks harmonious with beautiful hanging plants. Plants hang neatly over the shower box. Looks pretty, doesn't it?

That's a review of 7 hanging plant ideas for bathroom . Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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