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 HSdesain.com -- Arranging a garden with environmentally friendly materials and a beautiful landscape can make the appearance of the house more lively. Creating a rock garden is one of the best ideas you can try at home. You can also combine with ornamental plants as an interesting main decoration.
If you're interested, here are 7 garden design with pebbles for an aesthetic look. Let's keep reading!

1. Rock gardens and trails 

 Creating a rock garden and a path is the perfect combination. Especially if you use wood materials that make the appearance of the rock garden look more natural. The surface between the paths can be covered with rocks for a more aesthetic look.

2. Modern rock garden

 The idea of the rock garden above is made with a simple but beautiful design. The garden has an elongated shaped with greenery as a center. Meanwhile, the coral rocks around it play a role in making the garden look brighter.

3. Small rock garden

 Not everyone has a large-sized garden . The indoor garden with a small size above looks very stunning. Almost the entire garden uses rocks as the main character. Not only one type of rock, you can even combine other types of rocks for a stunning garden design.

4. Winding rock garden


Are you tired of the view of the straight garden path? The idea of creating a garden with a landscape of winding stone paths you might be able to try at home. The appearance looks more beautiful and unique. Purple flowers on the edge of the garden can change the garden to look more colorful.


5. Beautiful motif rock garden


Create a rock garden with an aesthetic look with a stunning arrangement. Natural rocks are arranged into beautiful motifs. So that the front yard of the house looks more stand out.

6.  Gray rock garden trails


To create a neat garden path, you can add edging. Garden edging with metal material is easy to apply. Continue with gray rocks that will make the garden look stand out.

7.  Aesthetic rock garden


Enjoying the beautiful garden scenery is one way to make the mind calm. The design of the rock garden looks more colorful with coral stones of terracotta shades. Not the entire surface of the garden is covered with coral stones, combine it with green grass for an increasingly cool home.

That's 7 garden design with pebbles for an aesthetic look. Hopefully the information above is useful.

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