7 Creative Ideas for Placing Plant in The Kitchen

HSdesain.com -- Plants are becoming popular for use as room decorations that can provide freshness and make the room feel more alive. One area that would be very appropriate to add plants is the kitchen. You can place plants in the kitchen to clean the surrounding air, so it's not stuffy. For some ideas, check out the following article about 7 Creative Ideas for Placing Plants in The Kitchen.

Natural look


This small kitchen looks beautiful and attractive by using several plants that are not only placed on the wall shelves, but are also placed in empty corners around the kitchen. This will make the kitchen feel fresher.

Plant in the corner


If you don't want to disturb the wall shelves that you have, place a small plant in the corner of the kitchen table under the shelf. This area is often neglected and certainly will not interfere with your cooking activities in the kitchen.

Choosing plant


Having plants in the kitchen doesn't have to be in large numbers. You can use a pothos plant that sticks out beautifully, as well as being a natural air purifier.

Plant and jars


A small bonsai that you pair with a jar on the kitchen table will give a more varied look and of course will be the main attraction of the beauty of the kitchen. You can also notice it better because it's in an easy-to-see area.

Use hanging plant


This kitchen wall looks fresh with plants that blend with the furniture in the kitchen. However, you need to make sure that the arrangement of the plants you have does not interfere with other areas around it. Some plants will also be interesting to hang in the kitchen.

Refreshing touch


Plants can also be one part that makes this kitchen look more alive. The selection of natural colors will be very suitable when combined with the fresh green plants around it.

Place on windowsill


One of the perfect areas for placing plants is on the windowsill. Your empty kitchen window will be very beautiful with the plants that occupy it. It will also be liked by plants because it gets sunlight.

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