7 Amazing Front Door Decor Ideas With Plants

HSdesain.com -- The decoration of the front porch of the house plays an important role for a more charming home appearance. There are many elements of the front porch. One of them is the front door. The stunning front door gives a good impression to the guests who come.
Here are 7 amazing front door decor ideas with plants. We hope you like it!

 1. Front door with black pot


Black and white never fail to make the design of the house look more modern and stylish. Front door is no exception. Bringing plants is the easiest way to beautify the look of the house. For a more matching look, use pots with matching colors. Looks charming, doesn't it?

 2. Front door with hanging plants

There are many types of plants that you can use as front door decorations. Hanging plants are one of them. Installing hanging plants on both sides of the front door makes the appearance of the house even more stunning.

3. Front door with spruce tree

Want to make the look of the house feel cooler? You can arrange the front porch with a pair of cypress tress of small size. Using the decors of spruce plants is easy to apply at home.

4.  Front door with flower wreath

Beautify the front door of your house with a flower wreath. The use of bright exterior colors brings a cheerful atmosphere in your home. The yellow door also looks to match the colorful flowers.

5.  Use a standing pot


Arranging a neat terrace can enhance the beauty of your home. You can use a standing pot to place your favorite plants. That way, the appearance of the terrace looks more organized.

 6. Using rattan baskets

Tired of the usual plant potted look? You can use a natural variety of rattan baskets. The use of environmentally friendly materials makes the house feel more homey. You can combine rattan baskets greenery that refreshes the house.

7. Front door with vines


Want a more colorful home look? The idea of growing vines above the front door you might be able to try at home. Vines with gorgeous purple flowers make the house more charming and stand out.

That's the review of amazing front door decor ideas with plants. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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