6 Genius Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

HSdesain.com -- Not everyone has a bathroom of spacious size. A bathroom with a small size does not mean that it is uncomfortable. Even with limited size, you can have a beautiful and functional bathroom. The key is organizing and maximizing the available storage capacity.

Here are 6 genius small bathroom organization ideas that you can use as a reference!

1. Maximize natural lighting


By maximizing natural lighting in a small bathroom will help you create a wider room atmosphere. Moreover, the interior of the bathroom is filled with white, which creates the impression of a cleaner and neater bathroom.

2. Using glass partitions


Make the narrow bathroom feel bigger by using transparent glass partitions. As for making the bathroom look neat and organized, use the basket for other fixtures.


3. Using wall racks


 Although the size of the bathroom is narrow, you can maximize the wall shelves to help maximize storage capacity. You can adjust various wall shelf models according to your needs. Choose with simple shapes to avoid a full impression of the room.

 4. Mirrors for reflection of narrow space are relieved


Using a mirror is the easiest way to make a small room look big. Moreover, the owner organizes a bathroom with wall shelves and functional wall hangers to maximize storage.


5. Using built-in furniture


The design of the small bathroom above looks neat and modern with the use of built-in furniture. That way, you can store bathroom equipment properly and organized. The bathroom with gray interior design looks beautiful and stunning.

6. Using vanity cabinet


One more clever way to organize a bathroom is to use a vanity cabinet. You can choose a white cabinet, that looks in harmony, with the interior of the bathroom. Various equipment will also be stored properly.

Those are the 6 genius small bathroom organization idea. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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