4-Bedroom Modern House Design ( 9 x 11 M with 2-Storey) + Floor Plan


4-Bedroom Modern House Design ( 9 x 11 M with 2-Storey) + Floor Plan

HSDesain.com -- A luxury house is depicted in this design. Dominated by dark brown, black and cream colours. this house fundamentally depicts luxury and elegance. This house is also equipped with a swimming pool and a spacious lanai with total floor 200sqm. Here is the 4-Bedroom Modern House Design (9 x 11 M with 2-Storey) + Floor Plan


The facade of this house is dominated by dark brown, black and cream colours. Although dominated by dark colours, this house looks elegant with bright ceiling lights. On the wall there is a cream coloured natural stone along the left wall. The black colour is only located on the fence and the lines on the windows and doors.

Living Area

The living room is spacious and very satisfying for those of you who have many family members. There is a long sofa there is still space in front of the television rack, because it is only filled with some minimalist furniture. This room has several large and long windows, this makes this room airy and bright.

Kitchen and Dining Room


This industrial concept house is perfect for those of you who want to look bright and make you save electricity, not only that this room is dominated by white and elegant wooden furniture colours, there are wide windows as wide as the wall making us comfortable when eating with family while looking outside around the pool area.

Master Bedroom


This master bedroom is dominated by black and white, the spring bed, the back wall is black. While the roof and the other side of the wall are white, it can be seen that this room has a monochrome concept.

Ground Floor

In the description of the picture we can observe, this floor has :

• Living Area
• Dining Area
• Kitchen Area
• Dirty Kitchen & Laundry Area
• Maid's Room attached T&B
• Lanai
• Porch
•  Car Port
•  Pool

Second Floor

This floor is dedicated to bedrooms only, therefore it is suitable for you if the resting place is your privacy. Climbing the stairs to the second floor you will find a path in each room, first room 1, room 2, bathroom and toilet for rooms 1 and 2. Then the master bedroom is equipped with a bathroom and toilet.

That's the 4-Bedroom Modern House Design ( 9 x 11 M with 2-Storey) + Floor Plan. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : RG Sebastian Builder

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